Welcome to the P. Collection.

As a manufacturer of quality writing instruments “Made in Germany”, we have been supplying a wide range and attractive assortment of writing equipment exclusively through promotional product distributors for individual advertising messages around the world since 1990.

The classic “ball point pen” is still an attractive tool today in the pool of advertising materials. The advantages for this are clear – and lightweight. 

  • Its price-performance ratio for promotional use is simply unbeatable.
  • Its advertising space as a rule can not be overlooked.
  • And it can be put to use on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the “favourite” amongst writing tools, as opposed to other advertising media, is usually only put down again after months or even years.

Regardless of the occasion or who the ballpoint pen is handed out to. This small present does not only maintain friendship but also keeps its advertising message “visually” in conversation, so to speak.